投资菲律宾十大网赌网站的教育是你所做过的最好的投资. 帮助家庭利用我们独特的教育,并完成我们吸引最优秀申请人的使命(无论社会经济地位如何), 我们出价超过2美元.9 million in need-based financial aid. We encourage families with students in Kindergarten through Grade 12 to apply. (Note: Covenant does not offer financial aid for Pre-K students)

没有预先确定的收入水平自动使一个家庭失去获得经济援助的资格. 收入水平相同的申请人可能会考虑其他因素, such as the number of students at 菲律宾十大网赌网站, 财产, and additional personal circumstances. 经济援助奖是基于对申请人所有财务信息的仔细评估. The determination is made with the recommendation from 赠款和援助评估 on a case-by-case basis by the Financial Aid Committee.


List of 8 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. 我如何申请经济资助?

    圣约大学招生和经济援助办公室通过以下途径为家长进行经济需求分析 事实、补助金和援助评估 -独立于事实学费管理部门,用于学费管理. 申请经济援助的家庭必须在网上填写一份事实申请 http://online.factsmgt.com/aid and submit the necessary supporting documents directly to 事实. 然后,盟约的财政援助委员会在确定财政奖励之前审查事实提供的结果. 从11月1日开始,2024-25学年的助学金申请将在网上开放.

    The financial aid deadline for first-round applicants is 2月1日. 如果经济援助资源仍然可用,在截止日期后申请的家庭可能会被考虑获得奖励.
    Once an online application has been filed with 事实, the supporting documents must be uploaded to your 事实 account or 直接发送给事实 传真或邮寄:

    传真:  1-866-315-9264
    事实格兰特 & 援助评估
    P. O. 82524箱

    • Copies of your 2022 or 2023 State and Federal tax returns, 包括所有推荐十大正规网赌网站的纳税表(注意:系统将要求您提供2023年纳税申报表,财政援助委员会可以在我们这边免除该要求)。.
    • Copies of your 2023 W-2 forms for you and your spouse
    • Copies of supporting documentation for Social Security 收入, 福利, 孩子的抚养费, 食品救济券, 或劳工补偿

    关于流程的问题? Call a 事实 Customer Care Representative at 1-866-315-9262.
  • Q. 什么是事实?

    事实 is the nation's leading provider of tuition management, 私立和宗教学校的助学金和援助评估和学校付款处理. 契约学校使用事实学费管理收取学费和费用,事实补助金和援助,以核实经济援助过程中的经济需求.
  • Q. 经济援助是如何发放的?

    菲律宾十大网赌网站 contracts with 事实 management, 一家第三方公司,专门评估一个家庭支付学费的能力,基于各种因素,包括家庭规模, 收入, 资产及净值, number of children for whom the family pays tuition and other pertinent data. 

    The school will review all 事实 Grant & 援助评估申请学费援助,并确定根据可用资金金额为每个家庭提供的奖励, the number of families who apply and each family's relative need.
  • Q. What are the factors used to determine a family's financial award?

    • 收入: 定义为工资、商业活动、投资、租金收入等的税前收入.
    • 其他资产: Savings, stocks, home equity, etc.
    • 家庭规模生活津贴考虑到一个家庭的人数以及与食物等费用相关的费用, 医疗需求, 和照顾孩子. 
    • 家庭教育承诺: Other parochial or 私人 school tuition or college tuition for siblings. 
    • 独特的家庭环境: This includes medical emergencies or other unexpected necessities.
    • Divorced, Separated, or Never-married Parents: Custodial parents are required to submit a 事实 Grant & Aid Assessment application as a part of the process. This is regardless of any legal arrangement. Exceptions to this are only granted upon written request, 其中必须包含一个完整的解释为什么父母双方都不能完成所需的表格.
    • 就业: 因为有能力负担课外教育费,因此预计接受支援金的父母双方都将就业. 我们理解照顾残疾或年迈父母等情况, 医学残疾, 年幼的孩子在家, 或者照顾一个长期残疾的孩子可以免除这个家庭的投入.
  • Q. 我已经是盟约父母了. Do I have to re-apply annually for financial aid?

    是的. Parents must re-apply for financial aid by 2月1日 each year, as financial circumstances may change from year to year. 在此日期之后申请的家庭可能会降低他们获得经济援助的可能性. 如果您之前完成了申请,并记得您的用户名和密码, the demographics will auto-populate but no financial information will populate. Otherwise, you may start over with a new application each year.
  • Q. When will I learn about my financial aid award?

    在第一轮申请中申请的家长将在3月中旬之前收到事实的电子邮件通知,并收到申请的回复.  之后的申请人将在提交后大约两周内收到财政援助委员会和/或事实的电子邮件通知. 家庭 七个 回复事实电子邮件以接受或拒绝经济援助邀请的时间.   
  • Q. To whom do I turn if I have questions about the process?

    如果您对填写事实申请表有任何具体问题,请推荐十大正规网赌网站 http:factsmgt.com/parents.

    For other questions, Covenant’s Director of 招生和经济援助, 贝卡特, may be reached at 434-220-7330 or bcarter@givelocallybulls.com.
  • Q. 529 Plans: A note to parents and guardians

    The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was signed into law on December 22, 2017, which brings about the largest tax reform since 1986. 虽然大部分焦点都集中在公司和个人税率和扣除额的变化上, the plan also includes many other small provisions that tend to be overlooked. One of these provisions expands the benefits of 529 savings plans.

    A 529年计划 税收优惠储蓄计划最初是为了帮助家庭支付大学学费而设计的吗. The main advantage of a typical 529年计划, over a normal savings or investment account, 是收入不需要缴纳联邦税,通常也不需要缴纳州税吗, as long as the funds are used for qualified education expenses.

    新的税收法案, 分发高达10美元,000元/年, per beneficiary can now be used for elementary or secondary public, 私人, 或者宗教学校的学费. While this is a great new benefit, 这可能需要个人与他们的财务顾问重新审视他们的投资策略. This information is provided for informational purposes only, 我们建议您在作出有关529计划的任何决定之前,先咨询您的税务专业人士. 




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